Jill Gould is one of those rare people whose     enthusiasm makes you wish every single person you’ll ever work with is exactly like her. From the initial email correspondence to the personal phone conversations, Jill was with me all the way. We worked together on the making of my book promo video, and I have to say that not only is she completely respectful of the material, she is driven to maintain the integrity behind it. I was shocked at how astute she was, how she really nailed it, when it came to running with an idea. As for final product - she delivers in spades. Quick turnaround, but not without close attention to detail - Jill Gould runs a tight ship and it’s quite apparent that her end results aim at nothing less than excellence. Jill runs her business with skill, but what makes it fly the way it does is heart. Jill’s got heart.


Dori Hartley

Writer, Illustrator, Musician

Author of Angels and Echoes

Being a guest on The Colbert Report is a challenge for even the most media savvy professional. I was the first therapist to be booked on The Colbert Report in its 9 year run and I wanted to be extremely prepared. I was fortunate to be able to draw on Jill Gould's extensive background as a seasoned talk/court show producer. Her amazing tool kit included: reading and selecting relevant material from my book as well as the host's; providing video clips of similar interviews for me to review; bulleting points before and after my pre-interview with the show; and reviewing questions that might be thrown my way. She even helped me decide what to wear! Not only was I thoroughly prepared but it increased my confidence in appearing on the show. 


Esther Perel, MA, LMFT

Master trainer, Therapist, Speaker 

Author of Mating in Captivity: Unlocking Erotic Intelligence

[Jill Gould] you are my favorite person right now and probably forever.


Merry Clark

Writer, Photographer

Author of Stripping Down to the Bones